Bali with Kids

We went to Bali with four adults and four kids for 14 days and had THE MOST EPIC TIME!  About a dozen people asked us for referrals and tips on I thought I'd pop them up here too in case they are of use to anyone who is Bali bound.

We were 4 adults, 4 kids 6 and under, we did 5 nights in Ubud, 5 nights in Nusa Lembongan, 4 nights in Seminyak. Wouldn't change a thing.

GENERAL: Bali is such a magical place, just so great for kids. Our top tips are:

* ensure there is a nice pool at every property you stay in, it's freaking hot! You'll want to relax beside a pool. And not a pool surrounded by concrete as it's just too hot. Good if pool is beside living area so you can watch kids while drinking Bintang ($3.50 big bottle).
* Best thing we took, hands-down, was a lifejacket. Just chucked it on Arlo and he floated about with the big kids for hours. Goggles to avoid stinging eyes.
* If you want to use carseats, we took these seats but barely used them because we were always in cars that didn't have seatbelts, probably because we were 8 people and in vans.
* GoJek app is amazing! Like Uber Eats but only $1 delivery! We'd get home after a day out and just order in food, from any restaurant. (we only used in Seminyak, not sure if in Ubud, etc)
* Many Airbnb offer breakfast included, highly recommend with kids.
* We took activity books, pokemon cards, playing cards. Relied heavily on kids tv and dvd's.
* Pack super light - didn't use half the clothes I took, everything dries quickly. Take cotton/linen...all my dresses were unwearable...just too hot! I ended up wearing my swimsuit and a sarong or loose dress and that's it.
* We didn't take any extra precautions vaccine/medicine wise but between us all had several short Bali belly stints, one kids split chin requiring stitches, mossie bites. I'd just take a normal first aid kit and kids iburofen. Our Bali Belly episodes all seemed fairly minor, didn't interfere with anything.
UBUD: We stayed here:, highly recommend, about a 10min walk into Ubud town, private, almost new, pool overlooking lush jungle, just beautiful. No mozzies in April.

Ubud is gorgeous for wandering around in, the Monkey Forest is lovely but those big monkeys are aggro, take no food in.

Downhill mountain bike through villages/rice fields: it was awesome but we were cheapskates and did the budget tour, I won't recommend it to friends as the bikes, helmets, kids seats were a bit dodgy! Pay the extra and do a better tour. There were extra tourist attractions (that they drove you to) included in the mountain biking tour, The Luwak Coffee Plantation, Kintamani Volcano lookout, visit to Balinese home etc etc...we'd all recommend just doing the downhill mountain bike. asking tour operators to remove these extras! It took forever to drive to all these subpar attractions.

The kids and the big guys did a wood carving class at Pondek Pekak Library which was cool. They also do fruit carving and Balinese dance classes etc. See:

Beautiful restaurant in Ubud:

NUSA LEMBONGAN: 30 min boat ride from Sanur, we had a transfer organised for us, Ubud Villa to Lembongan Villa, def worthwhile as it was insanely hot and a bit confusing. We used Sugriwa Express, v good.

Lembongan is Bali 20 years ago, no cars, heaps of scooters, not a lot to do but gorgeous and laid back. Def a place you want to scooter about on. We hired a small truck driver and did all the sights in a day, ending with beautiful Mushroom Bay (where I think I'd suggest staying). We stayed at
which was awesome too but the pool was not good, luckily there is a great pool next door at beach side restaurant.

Sandy Bay Beach Club is worth an afternoon/meal. Snorkelling ok, manta rays supposedly awesome but we missed out seeing them (too rough).

SEMINYAK: Loved Seminyak!! Busy but so many great restaurants and bars. Good for wandering, doing trips from (we did Finn's Recreation Club/water park which was a good size for under 6), we did a short visit to Cangguu which seemed very chilled, like Lembongan. You can walk around Seminyak but it's worth getting a scooter for the day ($8nzd), leaving the kids with partner/friends and doing a few solo trips around at dusk, beautiful shops and restaurants hidden away down alleys.

The beach was hot hot hot but lovely at sundown and would be good for the kids to swim in while cocktails being downed. Very safe.

We stayed here (Villa Suku, part of the HVR Bali Villas) and it was incredible:;label=gog235jc-reviewshotel-XX-id-hvrNbaliNvillas-unspec-nz-com-L%3Aen-O%3AosSx-B%3Asafari-N%3Ayes-S%3Abo-U%3Asalo-H%3As;sid=7310d5c4dc95229b0ebd09d21f9d393e#rt-lightbox-open-RD77955203

We found Bali incredible safe. Didn't venture into Kuta but Bali in general seemed so much more chilled than the last time Andy and I were there (2001!!)., people, homes, restaurants....everything just amazing. Highly recommend.